YATRE specialises in facility management. We also design, build and service all installations including: air conditioning, ventilation, low voltage, plumbing, BMS and CCTV, as well as fire protection installations. We also take care of cleaning and appropriate comfortable working conditions. We also help to bring the buildings we manage up to the highest environmental and social standards.
Our team consists of managers and specialists with extensive experience. We provide services for office, industrial and logistics facilities throughout the country.

What we do

Facility management

We are aware that facility management services are constantly changing. So are the buildings, whose systems and the equipment that run them are becoming increasingly sophisticated and knowledge-intensive. That is why at YATRE we provide comprehensive technical property management that goes far beyond regular facility maintenance.

Our team is comprised of people with extensive, many years of experience and multi-dimensional knowledge to ensure the highest quality of service. Their competence allows them to act quickly and be flexible in their approach to the client, unconstrained by corporate barriers…



YATRE puts a strong emphasis on ESG issues in all areas of its activities. 

We carry out our operations in line with sustainable development, with concern for our environment and the planet. We use environmentally friendly solutions, support sustainable transport and a sustainable approach to business operations. We are also pursuing a decarbonisation process to become climate-neutral by 2040.